You are the difference

After you register to vote, and get all your friends and family to register to vote, you need to get involved in the campaigns that speak to you. 


Check out our list of endorsed candidates, next to their names are the websites for their campaigns. Click on that link, and sign up to volunteer directly for the candidates of your choice.  They need help sign-waving, door-knocking, and phone-banking.  Your help makes all the difference! 


You can give money directly to candidates online via their websites.  Know the rules for contributing first. Click here to go the CSC website.

a) Abide by contribution limits imposed by the Campaign Spending Commission.

The general rule is $1,000 per year in office. If the seat has a two-year term, then you can donate up to $2,000. Four years has a $4,000 cap.  

For coordinated Political Action Committees (like this one), you can donate $1,000 per election cycle. You can click here to donate to the Vote Sierra Club PAC via our secure online service. 

For independent expenditure Political Action Committees, you can contribute an unlimited amount of money to a campaign, but cannot coordinate with the candidate. 

b) Contributors must U.S. citizens or permanent residents with documentation like a green card. 

c) Contributors must be at least 18 years old. 

d) Contributors cannot be in a current contract with the State of Hawaiʻi, any county, or agency.  

e) Contributions must be from your own funds, not funds provided by someone else for the purpose of contributing to a campaign. The source of funds also cannot be a corporate credit card. 

f) Contributions can include money and in-kind services -- both count towards each candidates contribution limits. What doesn't count against contribution limits is volunteer time. You can volunteer all you want for the candidates that you really love. And honestly, your volunteer time is what makes all the difference in this match-up. The corporations have all the money, but what we have (that they cannot buy) is passionate volunteers.  So get out there and get involved!