Gov. Ige wins over environmentalists

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports on Gov. Ige's support from the environmental community. 

“There is a fundamental difference to the way in which David Ige approaches politics. He does not play favorites. Instead, what he does is he maintains open-minded communication and works on building bridges instead of cutting them off,” said Townsend. “No matter how much we disagree on some things, he will always hear us out and his administration will make every effort to address the concerns that we relay that they think are legitimate.”
Townsend said that often with high-level politicians, “if you aren’t part of the ‘in group,’ you don’t have a chance.”
Hanabusa has also taken positions on local issues that have rankled environmentalists, including opposing the expansion of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument during former President Barack Obama’s final months in office. She’s also sat on the board of Hawaii Gas, which wants to import liquefied natural gas into the state, and has received campaign donations from NextEra, even though the deal to purchase the electric utility was scuttled by Ige-appointed commissioners to the Public Utilities Commission.

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